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Russian-Swedish project “We and tomorrow”

We and tomorrow

Russian-Swedish project “We and tomorrow” devoted to the prevention of HIV/AIDS started in Veliky Novgorod in 2003.
The project works during 2003-2004. It is financed by Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and by East European Committee.Novgorod Folk High School initiated this project. Swedish side is presented by ?rebro l?n, public health department, and youth clinic “Knuffen”.

The leaders of the projects:
• Dmitri Ivanov, rector of Folk High Shool (Russia)
• Arne Svensson, public health department (Sweden, ?rebro)

Aims and targets:
• To assist the process of struggling against the spreading of HIV/AIDS in Veliky Novgorod
• To attract social attention to the problem, to spread the information among the citizens of the town (first of all among the youth)

Activities which were held in the frames of the project in 2003:
• The coordination group was created in the frames of the project. Representatives of local administration, Mass Media, social organizations and medical centre “Helper” are included in this group;
• There was an international rock concert in Kremlin park to support the project “We and tomorrow”;
• There was a conference o­n which experts were present. There were also experts from Sweden;
• There was a competition of posters among youth. The topic of the competition was “Anti AIDS”;
• After the competition an exhibition was organized in the library “Chitai Gorod” (Reading Town);
• There was a trip to ?rebro, Sweden in October. The representatives of Mass Media, social organizations, local administration and medical centre “Helper” took part in the trip;
• Since July till December there was an educational course for 3 groups of specialists. Courses were organized in Folk High School. The education was held in the frames of pilot (starting) project “What is necessary to know about AIDS”;
• In December, 2003 in the frames of the project “Everyone should know this!!!” there were published 500  brochures, 400 booklets, 300 posters (the project is aimed to the HIV/AIDS prevention among youth).
The year 2004 is expected to be active as well.