Народный университет

Центр иностранных языков

Народный Университет

8 (816 2) 60-30-12

Великий Новгород, ул. Завокзальная, 3

Великий Новгород, ул. Большая Московская, 122


The Russian lessons take part in the Narodniy Universitet classrooms which are situated across the river from the Kremlin in the historical part of the town. All of our teachers are very professional, and will always strive to make your lessons as interesting and helpful as possible, so that you can really make the most of your time spent learning. Attention and patience is given to each student and our teachers always manage to find the right approach for each student. We understand that everyone is different, and with our experience and knowledge, we make sure that you enjoy every minute.

We carry a state license and upon finishing the course, each student will receive a certificate verifying that they have completed the course.

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